The World is Wood

I built a few of the new buildings. The scaffolding and ladders are built in excess, and then the majority of them are not ever removed. If one was to look out of their own front door, scaffolding and ladders would be the entirety of their world.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Be Rayyans
  2. Build one of the “new” building templates (worst offender so far was The Forge, by a landslide)
  3. Watch.

Expected Results:
All scaffolding will eventually be removed.
Actual Results:
No scaffolding is ever removed completely.
I can partially alleviate this problem on some buildings by using the “Clear” feature, but sometimes the ladders stay behind. Additionally, none of this has worked with "The Forge."

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 19, no Mods
System Information:

Check to make sure there isn’t any scaffolding they can’t get to. If they build on an elevated surface and tear the ladder down before they take the scaffolding down they stop. Just build a ladder for them to get back up and they will finish removing everything

This partially explains some of the happenings, but does not actually resolve the majority of the problems i have faced with these buildings. Random ladders and scaffolding are left up for no reason.

The list of reasons is pretty large. I’ve personally built all the Rayya’s buildings and don’t have any issues with them if they are placed properly. If I do encounter an issue with scaffolding I always check to make sure an item isn’t in the way, make sure that the scaffolding is still reachable. There’s quite a large list of reasons why this happens and unfortunately I don’t know what a lot of them are.

Thank you for your time, though. Even if you are not some superhuman encyclopedia of stonehearth mechanics, I appreciate that you took the time to help. I did remove some of my scaffolding, though The Forge is still hilariously ladder ridden.

Update: The Weaver’s Hut built without a hitch, but the other buildings still have freestanding ladders and scaffolding, despite my best efforts to the contrary

Update: This bug may have just been a one-time thing, because upon starting a world, it has yet to return.

Final update: buildings other than The Forge were probably random bugs, as restarting fixed the ladders and scaffolding issues. The Forge appears to be a trap for the type of things Fitzik described, as multiple 1 height ladders were trapped out of reach.