Ladders being left after build, scaffolding overlap

Title: Ladders left after build finished and scaffolding overlap

Summary: when building a fairly complicated object scaffolding can still be left as well as too much scaffolding being placed during a build

Steps to reproduce:

  1. place down arbor prebuilt and press build
  2. let hearthlings go at it

Expected Results: hearthlings shouldn’t waste so many resources making redundant scaffolding nor should they leave so much after finishing

Actual Results: lots of extra scaffolding, not all ladders removed



Versions and Mods: Ver 2733x64 low graphics

System Information: Win7 x64 8.0GB RAM

Hey there @Averest, do you have this building saved as a template? Can you zip it and upload it here?

Here you go. large (969 Bytes)

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Thanks! Paging @albert and @Ponder.