Hearthling dropping tasks just before completion

So i was moving some lumber around… And the dear hearthlings kept dropping their move/place order just before they reach the destination.
This often (not in the examplescreenshot though) resulted in soooo many logpiles with logpiles on top of them and because the hearthlings cant reach the items, when they “land” on top of a logpile (wich is so unlogical when looking at the model) i have to use the teleportcheat.

I have noticed this behavior all over the game, in mining they usual stop just at the second last block that needs to be mined and then another hearthling (sometimes far away) comes and mines that last block…

What is this all about? Is there a reason for this idiotic behavior?

Thank you.


Second this, and especially “group mining” sometimes being two people waiting for a third one to run half a mile and mine the last block before they continue


The mining issue is because hearthlings call dibs from very far away. I don’t think we have plans to fix that one, but @Albert may have other ideas.

The move/place order sounds like a bug if it’s consistent and not just an occasional one-off. Can you upload a save?

When you say it like that, i dont know if it will clasify as a bug? Well in my end it is certainly a behavior that brakes the game…

Make a ton of woodpiles (just like in the screenshot) and order them to be placed (just like in the screenshot) and then watch what happens? Maybe there is some other factor that has an effect? (The fact that hearthlings drop anything they carry just before they reach their destination, or change priorities? eating? talking? whatever they find more important?)

Sure i can upload a savegame, but at what point do you need it saved? When the items are stuck un top of the logpiles? Or “just before” they might drop the stuff on top? :wink:

Thank you :merry:

“Just before” would be ideal. Thanks!

Allow idlers near mining zone to ignore dibs?

You can’t ignore dibs. Dibs are sacred.

OK, government style then: long range transfer the dib in question by form in triplicate :’)
(who took your dibs max? Whoooooo)

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Here you go, this is actually a really funny test, it can even trap hearthlings :jubilant:
moving_logs_savegame.zip (6.1 MB)

I have had this issue today with my kiln and some other objects…they left it on top of the other kiln it was weird.

Looked at this. While unfortunate, I’m afraid it’s expected behavior. As the piles are placed, some of the ghost will no longer be reachable because they are blocked by newly placed piles, and hearthlings will give up on their current carrying task. I wish I had a better answer, but for the time being the only practical solution is to place them row by row.

It do happen even if you do that… This was just set up as an example. At least this shows a spot where the hearthlings fail drasticly.

Hmm, I can’t reproduce it if I put just one row. E.g.

I guess the problem dont exist then… i must be imagining things? Are you sure?

I will return at a later date, to see what the future brings :tornado:

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