[NaB] Can't build ladders (alpha 4 unstable)

Hi there,

I was really looking forward to the ladders in alpha 4, especially since I really need to get down to another level in the map to get the plants for the cloth mechanic.

Now I have the problem that my workers don’t seem to build ladders. at first they did, like half of the ladder. But then they stopped working at anything. So they are just sitting around the campfire like there is nothing to do. I was building a house and the ladders, the house is halfway and the ladders are not even started yet.

I deleted my save game from the older alpha and started a new game. The workers gather resources, but don’t build the ladders. anyone else has this problem?

If I recall, I believe there is an issue with placing ladders to go to a lower elevation… someone correct me if I’m wrong here…

oh, and welcome aboard! :smile:


Hi @Erwin, it’s a pleasure!

I believe @SteveAdamo is correct. That was the last I heard about it, anyhow. I think they also mentioned that it was going to be fixed shortly. May already have been fixed? I don’t know that much.

Thanks for the info guys, after starting a game on the lower grounds I could indeed build upwards. So guess it is still in.

Also thanks for the welcome, have been aboard since the early days of kickstarter, but never had the need to be on the forums :wink: