[Res] Building ladders down bug



i have this issue that my builders can’t build ladders down the hill… so my man are stuck on a small piece of land and there is no way to get of that ‘hill’.

And i thought it was clever to go there to protect myself against the goblins…


hey there @Yukatan … would you mind providing a few more details (describe how/where you are attempting to build the ladder)? perhaps toss up a screenshot showing whats happening… :+1:



As you can see on the screenshot, i want to get down this hill with a ladder… i read something about it but for what i can remember it said that this issue was solved. But it could also be that it is still an issue or that it might never be possible to do this?


hmm… this was an issue when ladders were first introduced, but it was addressed (in the most recent builds)…

is anyone else experiencing this?


In Alpha 5, ladders still can’t be built down cliffs. However, this is fixed on the unstable branch.


@sdee So if I understand correctly, it works at the steam unstable version, but not yet at the normal alpha 5 which I have now? Do you know where i can get the unstable version?


try the steps provided here…



@SteveAdamo Thanks! I found the Steam Alpha download :slight_smile:


excellent! let us know if this fixes your ladder woes… :smile: :+1:


@SteveAdamo Yes it works! Thanks a lot Steve! can’t wait till the new jobs become available!


brilliant stuff… have fun! :smile:

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