My workers will only build walls of a specific house going a specific direction

So as you can see here, Stönhurtz - Album on Imgur , only the walls facing a specific direction will be built. I’ve built it three times now, removing any unnecessary block that might obstruct it. Its now only Floor, walls, roof windows and doors.

Any idea why this is? Im getting hopelessly frustrated

hello there @Pilplox welcome to the discourse :smile:

did you use the auto-wall or free-wall to make tool those walls? to me it looks like you used the free-wall tool, which could be the problem.

That is correct. I’ll try again with the Auto-tool! Will keep ya posted!


Yup, its an issue with the freestanding wall tool, totes confirm.

I did want to mention that I have managed to get that same error message you have, though not in relation to the bug with the FreeWall tool. I think that is something seperate, though I am notoriously bad about these things. Just want to note that I got that error message building a house where the scaffolding wouldn’t allow them to reach the roof, and while building a large, complex 2 story storehouse that used slabs, roads, and everything in between. (Interestingly enough, I saved that super complex template, and it would only let me place it on top of trees…)

EDIT: Probably need to change the category to Support/Active Bug

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