[NaB] r256 (x64) Walls Not Constucted

Decided to try and add some walls to my farming zone for decorations, and the Hearthlings constructed the East and West walls, but not the North or South walls, unless I placed “manual scaffolding”.

I can’t tell from the pictures but where is the white thing on the ground that shows where the wall auto scaffolding should be? If it is on the wrong side they won’t do anything.


Then you’d just explain why it isn’t working. The “white thing” is on the insides for the two walls built, but not the other two.

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Yes. This has to do with the direction in which you lay out the walls. So depending on the direction you’ll get the scaffolding on one side or the other.

NaB, then.

In theory, couldn’t there be a detection to prevent something like this in the future? Like it detects there’s dirt or another structure, and thus flips it to the other side?

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You can make a Suggestion topic about it, just in case :slight_smile: