A Building and the Issues I Found

Made these buildings along a cliff, I was aiming for a continuation of housing/shops across and over a cliff with no gap between the house and the cliff.

Made using a combination of the auto-wall, manual wall and slab tool. S=Slab; M=Manual Wall; A=Auto-Wall.

Issues I Found:

  1. I couldn’t place a manual wall flush to the cliff without crashing the game. Path-finding issue for scaffolding placement?

  2. I couldn’t place a manual wall on anything bar natural soil but by using slabs to extend out in line with the lower wall I could place an auto-wall.

  3. The game couldn’t place a roof over a combination slab/manual wall. I had to manually make the lower roof, leading to…

  4. Slabs do not disappear with viewing tool (V), well not the drop nearby wall view.

  5. Viewing error on the viewing tool:

    This is the same wall viewed from 2 angles. The left image, the wall should not be showing yet it is. Rotate the view, as you can see the wall drops from view (right-side image).


This is actually something I mentioned recently as well–the cause for this is that drawing a wall in a certain direction along the X or Z plane will make it see-through on one side or another; you used to be able to figure this out as you drew them because a blue zone for the scaffolding would appear, and that side would be considered the “outside” of the structure.

Now that the player isn’t shown the default direction of the scaffolding, you can’t easily determine visibility unless you experiment (and possibly save-spam). Hoping this will change soon, preferably in the form of choosing visibility directions and scaffolding sides/locations!


Strange how only the end wall is affected though as I placed the walls using the Shift key in 4 column placements. Wondered at one point is it the order of placement, right to left, but then all the walls would be affected. I could try a left to right placement.

It could be less determinable than previously–the system’s gone through some big changes recently, so everyone’s getting used to the new features and quirks.

For example, the multi-story tool doesn’t reveal the separate floors when you use the cross-cut view, but the slab tool does (if they are different ‘buildings’). Because of this, I still have a preference for using the slab tool for additional stories so I can look through the building more easily.

New Build along the same lines, same issues plus a couple more.

Less lag though, but I made it in several stages. One issue was:

Got around it by starting an earlier save and this time making the blueprint with the 2nd floor and adding the roof to the blueprint before construction. As you can see I added the roof as a separate stage which caused the clashing.
Even though you can place an auto-wall flush to the cliff, your hearthlings won’t automatically build that wall unless you manually place ladders. They construct only 3 voxel blocks width centred on the ladder tip, with you needing to extend the ladder as the wall gets made.
Roofing near the face of a cliff works as long as you cut a channel above the mining template automatically placed by the computer. Still an issue.
I am sure a lot of issues are down to scaffolding. The place it everywhere, where once they used a ladder to start and make the roof, they now have to surround the building with scaffold.