See through manual rooftops?

How do you make a rooftop like the ones from the northern alliance that you can see through with the building vision options? The only way I can make rooftops without using the rooftop tool is with the blocks and you can’t see through those. I’ve had a lot of problems with that aspect of the rooftop tool while trying to adjust overhangs also because it moves the wall with the overhang and I have to turn off the wall drop from the roof and manually craft the walls with blocks. Again this leaves sections of block that I can’t see through to interact with the interior of the builds. Am I missing an option somewhere to set some of the placed blocks to be cut away by the vision options? Even just a check box when placing the blocks to set them to disappear with building vision.

Once you place your roof slabs you can click on them, it will display a small menu at the top of the screen allowing you to mark them as roof slabs

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slabs, click after placing, select as roof

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Aha! Thank you!

Alternatively and more tricky: instead of selecting roof you can select wall, but you will have to select the facing from which it should and should not be visable ( for a-frame buildings that can work out nicely so you always have a back wall for instance) but that’s tricky to get right.