[Build & Design] Selectable Building Vision option for slabs

When building, slabs are a big element in freedom of design and more complex decoration. It’s also a great alternative when automatic walls and roofs fail to generate and your building starts to look like a right mess.
A (big) problem with slabs is that they tend to stay visible in different building visions, obstructing view of internals.

I would like there to be an option where we can select if we want the slab to be visible in different vision options or not.

Say I build a slab with option 1 selected, the slab will stay visible in building vision A and B.
Say I build a slab with option 2 selected, the slab will be visible in building vision A, but invisible in B.

There would have to be dedicated buttons for these options in the builder, maybe a solid cube and a cube with dotted lines. Forgive my quick paint skills.


I like it, maybe this will be included in the new building UI the team is working on