Possible Solution to "RPG view" and Custom Structures

I love the building tools in Stonehearth, but I also want to take them a step further and customize more. Rather than make the team offer all the types of pattern customization and roof designs I want, it would be great if there were a couple of new tools in the building menu to allow for immersive custom designs.

As it stands, we have “free standing walls” and “Slabs” as a design option. What I would like would be to be able to build walls and floors one block at a time, but have them be recognized as walls and floors (same as the auto built ones) so they can disappear when using the different viewing angles.

What I suggest is that when placing slabs, there be an option to place the individual blocks as “wall” or “floor” slabs that would be recognized by the game and be treated the same as the auto built walls and floors for the sake of viewing.

Welcome to suggestions or comments!


Kind of in the same vein: if I place a planter box on a wall in the original schematic, it disappears from the wall when I use the RPG or drop view. However, if I move it or manually add one after the fact, it is treated differently and stays up during these views.

Necroing my own thread because I was inspired by the recent Desktop Tuesday around building improvements. Hoping something like this is possible.


This is a must-have for a lot of the more complicated constructions that I think a lot of us are doing for mostly aesthetic reasons.