[A18 r652 x64] Building vision - visual error with Carpenter House

changing the building vision I expect the roof and pillars to not be visible, but they are.

Not a bug, but unexpected, yes.

This is because that roof was not made using the roof tool. Which means the game doesn’t recognize it as such.
For us humans it is easy to understand that it is a roof, but for a computer it is hard, so right now the game just checks if the blocks were build with the roof (or wall) tool to decide whether it should hide it or not.

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leaving it in bug reports regardless, my reasoning is that it is not only unexpected but unintended, because I don’t think they designed the button to exclude things like this- they simply haven’t accounted for it, and therefore its a bug

why even display floating blocks in this mode regardless of what part of the building it is?
the entire point of this building vision mode is to increase visibility :disappointed:

I mean yeah you can place slabs anywhere but if it attached to the wall or roof and the wall or roof disappears you will obviously have a floating block that is not a wall or a roof and should not be displayed

this seems like simple problem that can be solved if a block knows what the state of a nearby block is and if any are attached to the roof or wall then it should convey this information and blocks will know whether or not they should be displayed

also with things that are attached to the floor but are above X height should also not be displayed to solve more weird slab problems

if it is too difficult a problem to solve then adding a tool to flag sections of your build, block by block if necessary, as “roof” so the game understands would be nice

Oh, you are on the “everything down” mode. Yeah, that made sense, we should only see the floor and the first row of blocks.
I thought it was the mode where only the roof and front walls got hidden.

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