Cut-Away views still showing parts of building it shouldn't. R129

Cut-Away views still showing parts of building it shouldn’t

When trying to place items inside a building or just during general viewing, something the edges of the roof or the entire roof will still block my view.

Steps to reproduce:
Build a building.
Look at cut-away mode…
View blocked! Curses!

Expected Results:
That it would work like my other buildings and i’d get no extra pieces blocking my view.

Actual Results:
Roof blocks part or all my view.


Versions and Mods:
R129 No Mods

nothing really constructive to add here… other than saying job well done on the reports @Silas! :smile: :+1:

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I figured it was about time I actually did something useful for a change 'round here.


hahaha… well, your efforts are most appreciated… keep it up, and @Geoffers747 might just let you take him to dinner some time!

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Who told you about that dream?! Oh… uh… nevermind that.

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Quick question: might this actually be working as intended?

I ask, because the second picture in particular may be the early stages of a means to view the floors of multi-storey structures.

Be nice if @sdee or another dev could comment on this one :slight_smile: .


I hadn’t thought about this possibility, however I got this bug tonight while playing around some as well. I have two thoughts to add here:

  1. I don’t think this is meant to happen as sometimes it is the whole roof and sometimes it is only 2 blocks of the roof (basically the outermost block and the block above the wall). I would imagine if it was actually meant to do this it would not show the whole roof sometimes.

  2. If this is indeed designed to be the precursor/finished method to show upper floors then I would say it needs some heavy polishing before it is implemented in this manner. The first thing I noticed is that it looks right until I move, it can be a world move with the WASD keys or a rotation/zoom with the mouse, but once the world moves in some way then the roof pops up. Second, this makes it very hard to see inside the building to place anything on the lowest floor (the only floor at this point). If this were implemented in this way I would think it would only show up when viewing upper floors, though I don’t yet have any ideas as to how to differentiate between what floors we want to place an item on, that is going to be a big challenge for the team as they work on multistory buildings.

Just my $0.02

I’m afraid it’s just a bug.


looks for the Debbie Downer emoji


edit: this will just have to do!