Incomplete wall, split-front building

So I was futzing around with my building designs and have started trying to do more steep-tiled roofs.

When I made the most recent one the following happened:

Note the lack of wall above the just-out roof.

I’d swear I’ve built a thousand of these before but never seen this bug but they roofs are invariably much shorter (this is the first high-peaked roof I’ve done for this) and that center beam hasn’t been there.

Current build as of this writing.

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Well i don’t think its a bug more over its a problem just with construction methods and they haven’t implemented the AI for it. If you look closely if they built it, it wouldn’t be supported so the wall would be floating inside and not touch the ground so thats one reason maybe it doesn’t work as that capability hasn’t been implemented, another is they might not be able to fit wall into some of the places. and theres probably some others that i can’t think of, but its mostly because of it not being implemented in the ahem yet (i think)

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I kinda wonder about that, honestly.

I’ve actually started building a lot of my buildings in this style and the missing wall piece has never re-manifest so now I’m very confused. :confused:

I have a screenshot, somewhere, of the second of this “template” I built and the missing piece of wall was built that time.


it could be a matter of just a lighting glitch or just something that has been updated, i don’t really know then

I guess it was a one-off building glitch. I have never been able to reproduce it.

Dear Admins, you can probably close this one.

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In alpha 9 there is this issue too, i have bulded two beds house (from official templates) and one has wall above roof the second doesn’t, looks like they forgot build it (maybe has go to sleep/eat).

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I noticed that there is only one pillar on your center part of the wall. Could it be that the system requires a wall to build between 2 pillars ?

thanks for the follow-up @Jim4White… can you share a screenshot?

@SteveAdamo Sure.

Here you can see a bed in background.

And here if frontal view, it’s a bit tricky, but there are sides of pillars.

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