[new_builder] Two-storey buildings? (resolved)

EDIT: Never mind, I had slice view on and that’s why it was acting funky.

Here is what I’ve got so far…

Trying to make a second floor for this craftsman complex, extending over the entire back building, across the “hallway” so that the stairs would lead to doors, and meet at the back wall of the two front buildings. I’d then be able to place dividing walls internally to the upstairs room, to fit out as sleeping quarters.

The question is… how? I have worked out how to extend walls upwards, but it won’t let me place new walls on top of walls, nor build a floor/ceiling with the slab tool. It seems it won’t let slabs be placed above row 5 regardless of wall height; presumably this would be to account for the roof on single-storey standard height (6 row) walls.

Am I asking for something the new building tool isn’t yet capable of, or is there something I’m missing?

You are indeed missing something. Personally id’d drag a new room outside of this build, make it the right size, select the floor, drag it to the correct hight and then slide it up over your buildings. Quite confident that should work.

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IGNORE ME. I had the Slice view active, which is why the slab tool etc was disappearing above 5 high. Soon as I realised and turned it off, everything works fine. I’m just a noob XD


No worries, I was having the same issue yesterday with parts of buildings disappearing. I was confused and a bit annoyed until I realized I had slice view on, then it all magically reappeared. It’s new for all of us. :slight_smile:


Yeah I thought about deleting the thread but then I realised I’m probably not the only person to do this

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Heh, we all have our moments. I was flipping out over lanterns on the sides of tents disappearing and then when I tried to put a new one in its place it wouldn’t let me cause the spot was occupied by the current slice viewed lantern. I felt like such a dork :rofl: