More view options/ability to set the building view similar to xray/slice view

anyone who built a building with more than just 1 floor knows how hard it is to place any furniture in a larger building. the 2nd floor is in the way all the time, which i find very annoying. so either i start with the ground floor, put furniture in it and build the slab after all is done including roof, put furniture on the 2nd floor or what i’d really find great:
if i simply could simply switch on which floor i’d like to look at. that would make things a lot better.
problem with slice or xray is… i cant see any walls and often placed furniture slighty inside the walls and can’t jugde very well where i want to place my stuff… where it might fit into the room.


Also worth noting that if, for any reason, you can’t build a “normal” roof and have to make a custom slab roof instead, the slab can never be hidden by the view options, as far as I can tell.

I’d definitely advocate a slice option by height, or incorporate slicing houses into the current x-ray view.

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nice i made a custom roof with slabs and was a bit annoyed when i couldn’t see through its after doing the home slice option to see inside :smiley: