Upgraded View for multilevel houses

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I’m not quite sure if this has been mentioned somewhere before and I can’t find it or if I’m the only one having problems with placing furniture in buildings with multiple floors. The whole thing is ok if I place the furniture while building because there is nor floor above the one I’m working on. However, when I try placing a new bed into a house with 3 floors or more, the whole thing just gets extremely bad because I can only hide the walls of existing buildings, not the floors and because of that I have to do this weird sideway looking aligning of furniture, which is a pain in the …

Because of that, I would suggest, that you guys improve this buy giving us users the possibility to hide or display certain floors within the building so we can continue placing furniture into existing buildings from our comfortable top-view.


I would like to second this suggestion. Maybe give the wall view button a similar slider to the slice terrain button, but don’t set it on fixed heights, but floor numbers.


I have a similar problem, but with stockpiles I decide to place in a multi-story warehouse. And I’ve been thinking lately that a system such as floor slicing as Raffo said would be a brilliant thing to implement.

Pretty please! :grin:

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You have tunnels set up with a level and then a floor level below it set the buildings at the same way so everything above the floor below disappears. Just the four boards turn into the translucent white just like when a building is being constructed the translucent blue. That way if you’re wanting to place stairs or ladders or something along those lines and you have a hole in the floor to match. You can see where it is but its not obstructing your ability see the floor you’re working on or placing stuff on.

Or you could set it so when you have walls disappear and slice terrain active it sets itself the floor that is the same height as the train place you’re looking at is forward facing walls disappear and the floors below stay active and the things above that height terrain disappear. Hopefully with that white outline of the floor above so that way you know where there is a hole.

          Thank you for your time and patience
           Devan Medrow