Option to disable second floor?

Like the title says, might be nice having an option to disable to second floor, to build furniture on the first floor. Or am i the only one having to terribly zoom in on the first floor, trying to place everything nicely. How do you guys do this?



One option is to design the interior before adding the second floor. Or erase the second floor with the eraser tool then add it again after the lower interior is done.

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I tend to build my buildings first (like complete them) and add interior later on. Example: I make 3 big empty building and place my beds, chests and tables after i’ve build them all. At the moment, this is pretty difficult. (because you have to zoom in, clip it and move in the right way to even make this possible).

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Unless you build the floor and walls using slabs (and not the floor and wall tool) you can hide the walls then erase the floor, opening your view to the bottom area. Fill the floor back when done.

How do you build the second part of the building then? Dont want to do it voxel by voxel.

I’m not sure if I’m missing something here, but can’t you build it all, then just make a hole in the floor where you need to see below? And then use the floor tool again to fill the hole back?
I’m not sure if that would work after you have raised the walls.

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I said this many times before but game really needs one layer cutting like done with mining…just one layer at a time.

Since walls and floors and what not are not versatile enough to build anything decently complicated with.
And in that regards see tru wall tool will never be a viable option anyways…and well i dont care for the roof tool it makes boring dull stuff…

So an alternative would be very very very welcome. So i could get real issue free views, inside my buildings.

(If i had to make the comparison to “the sims” Im a very advanced builder in sims as well. And i dont feel its a great solution there either)


My problem is after te building has been completed. I simply cant make a hole in the floor, its allready build.

Oh, I understand now. You completed the building and then went to add furniture into it…

I was thinking more of doing it while it was still a ghost blueprint, not build yet

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Yeah it can be a bit awkward to add things to lower floors in mult-floor completed buildings. One thing i like to do is replace furniture with it’s fine version if a crafter makes it and it can be a bit of work getting the view angles right for placement. A layer cutting tool similar to what mining has like Psyduck said would help a lot.

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Haha yeah sorry, English is not my native language so kinda hard to explain things ^>^.

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hi everyone :smile: sorry for bumping that thread but didnt want to create a new one… i would really appriciate a button like in THE SIMS where you can change the floors disabling the other floors… would make things alot easyer like replacing or adding stuffs later


This definitely seems like an essential feature. Would love to see a dev or mod response if this is planned (didn’t want to start a new thread for an existing request.

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@jamiltron since I’m pretty sure he was messing with a floor-tool-slicer sometime last fall, for the new building editor.

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in the meantime, i design multi-story buildings as each floor being it’s own building, most of the time you can slice off the buildings above the slice tool and have a pocket view of it.


Awesooooome. I keep forgetting there are already changes in the works for building (and I just don’t know what they are).

This is what I used to do when I was building with free blocks. It is the only way to access the interior of houses made with Free blocks.
But, if you design the whole Free block multi-story building in one go, you can still place furniture in it after finishing building it. You need to zoom inside the room. It is a bit difficult but it is doable. I wouldn’t recommend it though. I like seeing the interior of my houses.

Have fun, Kyth.


In the upcoming redesign of the builder we have a method of selecting floors, so you’ll easily be able to navigate to a particular floor you want to work on, hiding everything above it, and design from there - placing furniture, adjusting walls, etc.


Thanks for the update. I guess I’m just getting impatient! :stuck_out_tongue:

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