In depth Building Mode

I know this game is in early Alpha, but my suggestion is to having a more in-depth building system and having more customization for any buildings in general. I know second floors and maybe stairs might be concepts right now, but what I am currently thinking of is having things like this:

  1. Having the ability to draw ON the floor plan to have separate rooms in each building. Then building walls individually, block by block to have pillars and the like.
  2. For the second floor, having the ability to not only create a full floor, but also do a half floor or something along the lines of like an old western saloon.
  3. Being able to create a deck/porch depending on the area of the building you are creating it.
  4. Also being able to have an overhang, like an awning for shops or an open-air area you’d find in logging camps that holds full logs (which can be used by itself or can be attached to the carpenters house so they can store things under it.

Those are the few idea’s I had while playing the game for a more in-depth building system that let’s the player have more choice and control when building a, well, building. I wish to show you guys (both the devs and the rest of the community) my ideas, but I cannot right now. I will upload, when I can, some sketches of my ideas but for right now The Almighty Google shall be your guide.
Click this link for some pictures of what I’m thinking of via Sims 4.


YES please! Please yes! Pleaseeeee


i’m just not sure the “block by block” concept is in the cards folks… warning: old quote approaching!

Do I build my houses brick by brick or slap down pre-fabs?
You have two choices. You can layout floor plans and choose different types of walls, roofs, etc. Check out our prototype video to see this in action. If you’d rather not do that, you can just slap down a pre-fab. Eventually we will support designing your own prefabs, which is basically like building on a blank piece of paper and saving it instead of building directly in the world.

although i admit the suggestion would make those custom designs a little easier to tackle… :smile:


At the very least, some kind of internal wall prefab option is necessary I think. Worst case, people can mod that so that the prefab option is a single 1x1x1 block, and then they can place dozens of variations down to create a wall.


That’s fine. I wouldn’t mind just the individual wall, like with the draw tool they have now, which they can probably keep in, but probably revamp the code for it to do more.

If it saves money and time, I would say go for it, but have different options along the side somewhere in the panel, like they do for the different floor, wall and roof types.

Prefab Wall types is the way to go but, also keeping in mind an extrude or Stretch feature would go a long way…

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That’ll probably be a lot better than the prefab, and will be easily used by everyone, not just those who know how to handle the build system, plus, it’ll probably be easier to code.

Come on Team R - just take the build tool from the Sims 4, drop it in Stonehearth, and everyone will be happy.


Yeah! That’ll probably take them what… a week max? No problem. :smiley:

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2 days. I’ve done the math. Trust me. There’s a reason I have a shield next to me name.


I wonder with all the great ideas going on here that I 100% support, I think we are going to have to add Inspectors and OSHA… Have to keep building code and safety of the workers in mind. I mean really how funny would it be, your building a house and an inspector stops in and fines you, NO permit… Walls aren’t Structurally sound… HAHAHAH REMOVE stamp of approval for Worker, Send him back to training… could be a neat twist to demote a worker at least maybe a fun way.

Why stop there? We need the rest of the US government alphabet soup! Plus their SWAT teams to shoot any workers who look at them funny.


HAHAHAHAHAH, Now that I think of it I play games to get away from the real world, and man I smell big brother… I will yield my request :smile:

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That’s what I was actually thinking of doing. And I do love the building tool of the Sims 4 since there is so much more stuff in it with what you can do than the previous version. I’m going to use that for my Carpenters shop that I want to demonstrate on my ideas instead of 3DS MAX, or just sketching it.