View buildings by storey

I’ve been playing for a few days and have made a few buildings with more than one storey and find that not being able to really see whats on any floor below the topmost one is very awkward.

Maybe each floor could be tagged as “ground floor”, “1st floor”, “2nd floor” etc. as you design/build up so that the game can then hide/show floors up and down with a UI widget near the walls/slice/x-ray widgets.

A press or two would show the ground floor, a press in the opposite direction to show the 1st floor. (key bindings would also be good)

This would be handy for checking to see what the Hearthlings are doing under all those floors, and moving around furniture & decorations.


Oh look, @not_owen_wilson ! Another note for our UX overhaul of the builder :slight_smile:

This feature would make me so happy. In the meantime, you can use the slice tool to approximate this. Not perfect, but it’s something!

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At least once a week this “suggestion” get’s posted, without anyone EVER searching.

That being said, the current workaround (for the umpteenth time) is to build each floor as its own building. The slice tool then works perfectly fine for each floor.

Here’s a link to the last post, which has two links in it to previous ones.


I concur! :grinning:

This is one of two of the visibility buttons I want.

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I would just like to point out here that if you search “slice buildings” or “see inside multi story buildings” or similar wordings, you don’t get a thread which has this solution in it (except for your recent response to my thread). So this solution isn’t something which was easily found. Maybe it’s well known to people who have time to watch the dev vlogs or to people who were active when buildings stopped being sliceable, I don’t fall into either of those categories, and neither does @Darren_Ballingall, unless I miss my guess.

Perhaps we could be less brusk with our new and returning members? It’s very unwelcoming, especially for us who DID try to find a solution and/or offer help.

Also, maybe someone with authority could pin a “common suggestions” thread (with solutions, if any) to the suggestions category to help reduce the number of these threads.


I will apologize for mine…harshness, as you are correct that the search doesn’t show this. At the same time, you even said that I replied with this information to your thread, to which a week later, @Darren_Ballingall was asking for the same information. Being y’all have the same suggestion, and within a week’s time, couldn’t that have been found? On top of both of those, with you even linking the same suggestions twice in your third post, did it need to be posted again? Regardless, I digress with my apology for offending y’all.

Actually, for me at least, it’s neither. This was a solution developed back before multi-story buildings even existed. When attempting to build one like you have now would freak the game out so bad, it didn’t know what to do. I can’t remember exactly who it was that originally figured it out, but I can say (for me) that this was the post that started me in the right direction.

Thank you for your apology, it is appreciated =]

And you are right, the current solution could have been found in my thread, if he had used the right search words. I suppose I was more defending myself as I didn’t have time to look into it more thoroughly before my thread was closed… I’d like to apologize for the confusion.

As for why I posted a new thread linking to two older ones, I did it for a couple reasons:

The first being that those threads (which were the first two I found which were on topic when I searched) are over two years old, which in internet terms is practically ancient xD, I wasn’t sure if anything newer had come about regarding slicing and building, also I didn’t want to be accused of necroposting. (Also, also, the main thread got super off-topic about 1/3 of the way through)

The second reason is that I wanted to know if there was something I, or perhaps we (the modding community), could do to fix it, and I wanted to get more information on that. I wanted to know if I could help, as I do have some SH modding experience. I wasn’t just saying “Hey devs, this needs fixed” I was trying to come off as more of “Hey, is there anything I can do to help with this?”

And, I guess a third reason would be that “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”. If it hadn’t been talked about in two years (as my initial search showed) perhaps it was time to bring it up again? It’s a feature that I’d really really really like to see happen. So much so, that I’d be willing to donate some of my time and expertise to try and fix it =]

Oh yeah, I forgot about those days xD, it seems like forever ago to me. Stonehearth sure has come a long way hasn’t it? =]
Thank you for the link to that post, and for reminding me about the early days of SH, I got some good flashbacks from it ^^

Sorry I was a bit… defensive… It just seems that in the past couple years when I try get a chance to come back to the forums and I try to be helpful, I’ve been met with a bit hostility (or so it seems to me), something which I don’t remember being in this community at all years ago when I was last truly active. Please don’t take this personally, it’s not meant to be an attack on you =[ , just me reminiscing =/

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