(Still) Need Better Building Cutaways for Multi-Story Houses

With A20’s emphasis on keeping your Hearthlings out of “cramped environments”, using multi-story buildings is harder and harder; you can’t see into the first floor of a building unless you specifically design it with the awkward viewing angles in mind, which typically leads to smaller rooms upstairs so that you don’t cover up the first floor. This makes multi-story apartment complexes or manor-houses very difficult to use.

It’d be nice to have a vertical slice method, like the digging view. Until then, I’m going to be contending with some serious urban sprawl…


A simple view tool that allows to select the floor you wand to see (all other floors are invisible then) would be really helpfull.

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I’ve been thinking about this for a time too. Right now upper floors forbid you from seing the lower ones,
So what about making the slice button affect buildings too, particulary the floors. When you set the slice button at a certian height the next floor above it in the houses disappears and everything that is above it goes too. What do you think about this idea?

Have fun, Kyth.


Yes!! The slice tool needs to work on your buildings as well…or they need something that also makes the dern slabs invisible; floors (not foundation) invisible. I did a big ‘mesa’ complex last night and couldn’t see in to place/move furniture the way I wanted.


@Cheryl_Allin That building is pretty awesome not gonna lie… I agree we need at the very least the option to xray slabs and building floors.

This always really annoys me because the slice viewing mode used to work on multi-story buildings, back before they were really properly part of the building editor. I built a giant windmill back in the day and it worked fine. Then, somewhere along the line, it was taken out when they updated how building works, and it hasn’t worked for the long while since.

I’ll always completely support bringing that back, or coming up with an entirely new (not accidental) option for viewing different stories (slicing the terrain and buildings to different heights might have some uses).

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Aww, that’s so sweet! Thanks! I do enjoy this game FAR too much. The muted pinks of the desert speak to me… I was trying to get the wee minions happy; to no avail. :sigh:

Ugh, such a shame. I hope they revive or rebuild it soon. They could easily take a page out of the Sims book; they did it quite well but I imagine that’s hard to code. Even if they could put it into the slice mode and give the option of slicing one layer or shift-click for one layer (rather than the 4 it is now?) I know I tend to build extra height into my buildings.