How do I see the different stories in houses?

Hello everyone!

How do I see the different floors when I build a multistory building?

Let’s say I’m are building a three-storey building. and when I’m going to place the furniture on the ground floor the floor of the second level is in the way. and when I place furniture on the second level the floor of the third level is in the way?

Is there any way to be able to see only one floor at a time? so it will be easy to Place furniture and managing the floors in the building?

Try using the height visibility option.

I have tried that, but it does not remove the floors :confused:

If you have a 3 story house there is no way to just see the ground floor without it being obscured by the 1st and 2nd floor :unamused:

So I can’t se the ground floor at all?

So if i build a wide two story house? like 30 X 30 blocks,
I won’t be able to see the space in the middle of the ground floor in a easy way?

Sadly that’s how it is for now. I’m sure the devs will add some optio for this in the future, but now you have to put in chairs before you build the second floor, i’m afraid.

well, you can place furniture from the side, it’s just awkward.

Ok! thanks for your response! I sure hope that they will implement a “hight visibity tool”, like they have with the terrain, but it will “cut off” everyting above itself, and that it will raise with one block in hight at a time, kinda like you can do in “gnomoria” for you who know what game that is :slight_smile: