Improving Viewing of Multiple Floors

This one should be easy to implement as the game already has a function that can change the view based on height (slice tool). I would like to fine tune that tool so that it makes it easier to view inside a building and place furniture.

Currently it is possible to place furniture in different floors but it can be tricky because you have to approach it from almost eye level. If by using the slice tool you can view your building floor by floor it would allow for a cleaner placement of furniture and additional building (should you need to remodel). This suggestion has been somewhat made before, but no solution was offered so I made this post. If you wish view the post made by Phagocytosis you can do so here:

If you just want to see a visual of the issue Phagocytosis made a recording of it and placed it on youtube. To save you time you can skip to 3:15 in the video when he starts building to see this issue.


Wanted to make a post about this. But found out its already here.

Thus tool is a must if you want to design bigmulti floor buildings.

+10 on this function

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This badly needs to be implemented. It’s such a pain to decorate the interior of a second level and above. Please devs get on this soon. The building system may have improve a bit over the last past alphas but it’s still so far to be enjoyable. Right now it’s just frustrating.

In a way you can do that now. If you build each floor as it’s own building (think stacking buildings), the slice tool can be used exactly like this.

That is good to know but it should not have to be that way. I want to build my building without having to think about each floor as an own building. there is a ceiling crunstruction and i would rather use that then making a complete new building on my building xD

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