2876: Building vision does not 'cut-away' 2nd story floor

2876: Building vision does not ‘cut-away’ 2nd story floor

When using the 3rd option in the Building Vision tool observe the 2nd floor floor isn’t visually removed.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build 2 story building (Steam Community :: Screenshot )
  2. Select Building Vision tool, or use shortcut key ‘v’, twice (You will see the visual representation in the above screencap)
  3. Observe the 2nd floor floor is not visually removed

Expected Results:
Expected is the 2nd floor floor is visually removed

Actual Results:
The actual result is the 2nd floor floor remains an obstruction to the intended view



Version Number and Mods in use:
2876 / None

System Information:

But what if you wanted to see what’s going on on the 2nd (or 3rd, etc.) floor? My point is that rather than looking at this as a bug it should be regarded as a feature request for floor-by-floor view and that such a thing:

  1. Is not necessarily trivial.
  2. Has probably been considered.
  3. Is probably not high priority.

Point taken and yes, I too, was unsure if this was a bug. However I did not see any other issues of this mentioned by anyone else and rather than sit idly by I decided to make mention of it. Now that we all know at least someone looked at it, I did my part to help… for free.

If this is not a bug and in fact a feature, is there a chance we will be seeing ‘Building Vision’ add another vision option?

As far as I remember, they wanted the slice tool to work correctly with that but there are many problems with this, for example if you build between the slices, so there has to be a terrain slice selector and a building slice selector :smiley:

So I think they have to find a good solution for this :slight_smile:

actually im pretty sure the case actually is that the slice tool used to do this, but that was only a small workaround as the slice tool is mainly for mining and not building.

as far as i know TR are still working on a way to do this, along with lot of other building improvements.

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Just a heads up, the slice tool and ‘Building Vision’ tool are 2 separate tools and I have not seen issue with the slice tool but instead am speaking on the current state of the ‘Building Vision’ tool.

Thanks for the input though, I will look at the slice tool shortly.

Thanks again, again. I think I am getting what you’re saying. That’s great news too, really excited by your team’s dedication to this title.