Manual Wall VS Auto Walls Up

When you place your floor and you auto-wall-up, you get a different roof than when you place your walls manually in the same way. It’s a minor thing and I am sure that it will get fixed at some point. Just wanna put it out there.

That’s probably an issue with the way the “inside” of a wall is determined. If you use the wall-loop tool, the direction of the inside will always be correct.

If you use the free-standing-wall tool, then the side that is considered “inside” depends on which column you place first. You can see this when you create a row of walls. Say you’re placing the walls from north to south and then you place some from south to north. When you order them to build the wall, some will have scaffolding on the west and some on the east.

Now imagine you drag out the walls individually for a building… What happens if you place the walls so the inside faces inward? What happens if you place the walls so the inside faces outward?


that could be correct, I noticed that when you use the tool that makes the walls disappear so you can look into a building, that it didn’t do that correctly for the walls that were placed manually.

if you turn the camera angle, they will disappear, they only disappear when you look at them from the outside.

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Going by the auto-wall/wall-loop tool, as Tuhalu said the outward direction is correct. By pressing V it drops the wall view. With manual walls I have found, to get the get the “outward” view to drop, you have to place the wall from right to left.
Here is an example, both are walls placed individually, the left wall left to right, right wall right to left, V used to drop wall view.

Honest there is a wall there, :grinning:.

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