[Con] [Dev 2395 (x64)] Workers not building building templates?

So i spent like… 2 hours making a spire for a castle of sorts. I finally finished it and decided to save the entire template.
Well it didn’t work when i went to place another. Didn’t know if this was a known bug or not.

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Happened again with a 2nd try at the spire…
This time they built the first floor’s walls(no floor at all though?)
and that’s it…


ive also been having problems with the new buildings system, ill be darned if i can even get them to start work on a building though… :confused:


It’s been happening a lot to me. Design a beautiful building, and queue the bugs!

Just letting you know, I love this look, and it gave me an idea for a silo, thus I’m “commandeering” the design idea.

Best of luck when this problem is resolved.

Aviex, do you have a YouTube Channel where you upload your projects? I’d subscribe.

Which projects are we talking about?
This is an old post…