[Builder] Can't cross more than 2 freestanding walls on the beam

Currently freestanding walls can cross on beams (not actually cross, but you can begin 2 walls brom the same block, making them share a corner). However no more than 2 walls can make a corner like that, meaning you can’t make 3 or 4 walls start/end on the same beam (while geometry suggests otherwise).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Draw a rectangular foundation.
  2. Draw a freestanding wall on it
  3. Draw another freestanding wall starting from the same beam as the first one
  4. Attemp to draw third wall starting (or ending) on the same beam

Expected Results:
Geometry allows up to 4 walls starting from the same point, so the player expects as much.

Actual Results:
Such walls are limited to 2.

Walls created by “raise walls” instrument do not support such technique at all.


Version Number:


You can add that third wall. It has to start somewhere else and end in the original column. To do it hover the cursor over the top of the original column. If you have already placed something on top of said column, hover it on top of that something where the column is. It works the same.
It is not perfect (mostly beacuse of wall facing isues) and it would be better if a column accepted to be the starting point of more that two walls but this will do until the perfect it. I hope so.

Have fun, Kyth.