Scaffolding can't be removed if the prop it starts from is removed first

Scaffolding starts from any non-passable object (block, prop) upwards. If this prop gets removed before the construction is complete, this scaffolding becomes stuck. Hearthlings can’t reach it and remove it, and the construction stalls.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start building a tall structure next to a tree so some of the scaffolding or ladders starts on the tree.
  2. Start construction and wait for scaffolding to appear.
  3. Pause the construction and cut the tree down.
  4. Now you have part of the scaffolding/ladders defying gravity.

Expected Results:

  • Scaffolding and ladders should “drop” to the ground level if their support is removed
  • Scaffolding and ladders should “crumble” (self-destruct returning to resource form) if their support is removed

Actual Results:
Scaffolding and ladders are hanging in the air, becoming impossible to remove (the player can still force hearthlings to remove them by adding ladders manually). Since scaffolding can’t be removed completely, construction never finishes.

This issue can also block pathing while the construction is going on, although with usual number of “spare” ladders this probability is miniscule.


Magic ladder go away!

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Nice Idea.

You can build a ladder to get to that ladder :stuck_out_tongue: a ladder for a ladder :smiley:
Or use the destroy console command

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After reading this I couldn’t stop laughing for a looong while.

If the “Floating” ladder is not destroyed or collapsed, the building system should order an extension of it to reach the new floor.

Have fun, Kyth.

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I had this issue with a potters kiln once, moved the kiln and had to replace it to finish the building with another manual ladder.