Drawable Roofing

I’ve frequently run into issues with buildings where I will design complex top floors and then go to add a roof, but the automatic roof will only parent to a single wall and not the entire structre. I’d like teh ability to draw a roof using the same method as drawing a second floor - pick the start block, and the end block, and have that define the rectangle instead of tying it to certain walls.

In addition to preventing frustrations from roofing issues, the interface change would provide a lot more flexibility in building design.

Such a tool would also imply that it would be possible to add an eraser for roof tiles, but I see that suggestion is already handled.


Hi @Josh_Patton :slight_smile:
Maybe you could add this suggestion in this thread?

Building constuctor improvements

@Fronjotr, done.

I tend to shy away from omnibus threads as, in my experience with other game suggestion forums, they tend to get less traction. But I’m not that familiar with this particular community yet, so I’ll take your advice on it.


I’ve used a couple drafting tools in my time, and in one in particular the way to specify something like a roof wouldn’t be to select a ‘room’ so much as to draw a line on the area you want the roof to cover, and then have it build it from there.

So, in this instance, instead of letting the roof generator try and guess where to build a roof, you would place a line of some kind through the ‘edge blocks’ and then it would build the roof on that.

In some ways that might make their code simpler by shifting the onus of determining the area to the user instead of the engine. On the other hand, they’d also have to add in the ability to create such lines.


Thank you, this is precisely what I am getting at, but more clearly written. Expect for the line part, that’s what I’m meaning by “the same method as drawing a second floor”. Since this is a voxel based game and roofing only supports rectangles of various sizes, you just need to define two corner blocks.