Improvement idea for roofs in the building editor

(This is going to be a messy post, sorry for that)

So, to build a second floor, you do it in segments, you draw the first segment first, and the second segment second, like the picture below:

(yes, the second segment is drawn over the fist one, I am aware of that. The picture shows them separately.)

I was thinking, what if the roofs worked the same, and if I could tweak the tweakables (offsett, orientation, material, colour) of the roof on each segment individually, like this:

This house is not currently possible without slabs, but in my proposed roof tool, it is.
Here I gave the two segments two different orientations, but I could also do other things like having the two have different roof offset values:

Maybe it is a good idea to have this be a separate option, to preserve the wonderful simplicity and easy-to-use-ness of the current roof tool.

This is how you would go about making a roof with this system:

  1. pick the option for a complex roof
  2. draw the segments individually for the side or from its support, whether those are walls or not.
  3. tweak the segments them separately
  4. build

You don’t have to have walls for this, so you could also do something like this:


  1. I propose an extra tool to make roofs in the building editor: complex roofs
  2. These roofs are drawn in segments like the second floor foundation is, can be tweaked individually and do not require walls.
  3. With it, you could build something like this: