How To Build Roofs for Cornerhouses Without Slabs (Ascendancy Style)

This thread is about building roofs for cornerhouses without having to resort to slabs. Slabs are nice, but they’re still visible when using other view modes. And recreating the auto pattern is annoying.

Recently, @nikosthefan posted a suggestion for creating better looking roofs. Thing is, you can already create such roofs with the editor we have now.

All you have to do is to cover one wing of the house with slabs or a floor. Place the roof on the uncovered wing and adjust is. Delete the floor/slabs then, place another roof and adjust it accordingly. Then just use offset to merge the second roof with the first one. Hearthlings will build it correctly.

First step:

Deleting the floor and putting up the second roof:


Done without instabuild:

Building vision working:

Works with a light overhang for both roofs, too:


Maybe it’s an old trick, but I never read anything that it actually works. So if you’re like me, this may ease your cornerhouse woes.

Edit: Did some more testing. It doesn’t seem to work if there are columns too close to each other. This house stayed unfinished:


Interesting, never thought of that… Then again I haven’t messed with AC a whole lot. What I have though I have a habit of wanting a certain roof style; which would mean slabs for obvious reasons. I play RC mainly, and in the current one doing a specific roof style that looks hardly like anything the default one is.

However that is quite a trick or tip very helpful for when I want to use the default styles of roof. RC roofing would look odd when using this tip though. Thank you for the presentation. :smiley:

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Glad it’s helpful. And after reading your post I updated the title for clarification.

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ooh, that’s very useful to know, thanks!

I’m keen to test this out with Roman style houses/villas which use an interior courtyard, and I’m sure that when I get around to building the big cathedral I keep planning this will be an invaluable trick. Using the offset to merge roofs together is going to open up some awesome potential.