How Does One Construct A Northern Alliance-Style Building?

I’m not talking templates here- I’m talking building a brand new structure that has that same A-frame style of roof. Do you have to modify the height of your walls and then add a max-height roof to it, trusting the filler to do the work? Is it something best handled with the slab tool (and would that work to make something that counts as shelter)?

I have this vague idea regarding a ‘sunken’ settlement, where A-frame houses are built into pits just deep enough that the roof touches the ground and you have a mined-out stairway down to your front door, but before I explore that I’d like to know how to build things that fit the Northern Alliance design aesthetic.

Ide suggest doing the roofs with the slab tool. Built a bunker settlement myself and it looks alot better with custom roofs.

I was looking at that this morning. If I recall the existing NA templates utilize a wall drawn down to 4 height and then the slab tool building up the rest. I assume the wall sections are then selected to register as “wall”. The roof is laid down in single width, two block height sections to give it a rather steep look. I utilized that to get a similar style appearance in a vaguely Norse Longhouse looking building. If I can figure it out I could share it here I suppose?

A part of making something similar to existing templates really is just setting the building template down and poking it with the building editor to see what they did and how it works. Then trying to tweak it to make it your own.