Northern Alliance Template Bug?

I tried to build the shared sleeping quarters from the vanilla Northern Alliance template, but they would not place the tall windows. I tried crafting extra windows, building extra ladders, and moving all other furniture out of the house, but nothing worked. When I look at the building interface that shows what materials are still needed, it says there are no windows made even though I have 12 that are sitting unused in my inventory. I did notice though that the template requires “TALL STONE window frames” while the mason makes “STONE TALL window frames,” and I’m wondering if this swapped wording is the source of the error. Any thoughts?

Do you have any mods that might’ve added different tall stone windows?

none that I see, nor any that would replace the vanilla ones

This might be happening when you play with the glass work mod.
It changes the frames of all the stone windows to be usable for the glassworker.

Deinstall the glassmod or use the debug tools to spawn some of the needed frames.

well drat, that’s a bummer. thank you for the fix!