Clay Dormitory window replaced by clay wall block; won't finish

Building doesn’t complete because builder put clay wall block where a window is meant to be placed.

Steps to reproduce:

Not sure…

  1. Build a Clay Dormitory
  2. ???
  3. Builder brainfart

Expected Results:
A Clay Dormitory

Actual Results:
Left side of clay dormitory has only 1 window and workers refuse to continue (2 windows left to place).

Saved the template to see if i changed the template or something. Wierdly enough, the template displays the same as the bugged dormitory, but still requires 8 latticed clay windows (1 technically missing, replaced by clay block, so it should be 7 windows).

I’m a new user so I can only link one image -.-
Here’s an imgur gallery instead.

Version Number and Mods in use:
a22.5, rayya, stonehearth

System Information:
win7, 32gb ram. Doesn’t seem system-related, but if more system info needed, will provide.

Welcome to the forum, @Nuvm :slightly_smiling_face:

To me, this looks like you placed the clay dormitory, and you dragged accidentally the second window on top of the first one (that’s why it says it’s missing 2).

This had to be done in design mode, before the building was started. You can check if that’s the case by placing down the saved template of the buggy building, picking the eraser tool in the building editor, and clicking once over that window at the left. If there’s still one window there, it’s because they overlapped somehow.

Anyway, could you try manually placing ladders to reach the missing window on the stopped building? (both outside and inside). I wonder if the hearthlings just don’t want to place the ladder because the lamp was placed first (and they want to place the ladder right in the block where the lamp is) :thinking:

It is, however, very unlikely to happen. It must have been some sort of bug if both windows are in the same place. Did you notice if the template was fine after placing it? And right after starting to build?

Thanks for such a quick reply!

Your theory made alot of sense and I wondered if it was indeed what happened. And, well… It’s getting wierder. I did try placing the template, but it results in a normal clay dormitory… except, it has 8 windows and requires 7.

I changed the building view type to foundation - or whatever it’s called - while in design mode and it turns out that the initial buggy building’s missing window is actually overlapped by a clay block wall, thus never being able to be placed. Out of design mode, the missing window is, well, missing. I guess the game excluded the block since it can’t be built over the wall?

So now there are 2 mysteries to solve: how was the window overlapped by a clay wall block, and why is the template showing 7 required but previewing 8?

For the template, I’m guessing the build order, which is wall before windows, causes the game to escape the window from the material requirement calculations due to the wall being built first preventing the window from being built.

Gallery: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Ok… so while I was print-screening the images, I accidentally moved a window from the template… Didn’t know that’s how it worked lol. But it looks like the window (the “missing” one from the original building) is completely glitched out. I can’t move the window at all, I can’t select it either and I can’t put a window on top of it (assuming it was a clay wall block). Highlighting the wall shows it going around the windows though… I really don’t know anymore. It can be highlighted though.

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