Buildings requiring extra Clay Bricks

It took me 13 clay bricks to make and it requires just 12 on the blueprint

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Hey there @Scott_Sawyer, welcome to the Discourse :smiley:!

I’m a bit confused here, are you attempting to make a bug report?

@jomaxro yea my bad never used this before but its meant to be a bug report

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Great, let me see if I can reproduce this.

Do you have a template we could check out?

Alright, I can reproduce this. @Doc_Brano, this is the built in pottery studio template. @yshan @not_owen_wilson it does seem to require 13 not 12 bricks when I tested this.

Thanks for the report @Scott_Sawyer!

Update: Similar issue with the Desert Lodge. Reports needing 62 bricks, needs more. (Required 65 my first attempt, 68 my second).


Hmm… seems, there is some form of inflation applied to the construction costs. Or does this just calculate the ‘natural loss’ on the site into it? :wink:

Yeah, I’ve noticed this too recently, you seem to have to order an extra brick for building.

Maybe it is the multi block placement affecting it? What happens if we change it to hearthlings constructing it block by block?


It’s been happening to me on almost every Rayya’s Children building, not just pottery studio.

@BrunoSupremo that’s an interesting idea. Let me check that now.

Update: My very non-scientific experiment (I built one building) shows that disabling multi-block placement did not affect the required number of clay bricks. The pottery studio was still one short. I’m testing the lodge now.

Update 2: Desert lodge was short 5 bricks.

Uhm, strange… Looking at the json file of the pottery template it says we require 717 clay brick blocks, which divide by 60 (a full stack) gives the correct 12 clay_bricks items (round up). Somewhat, somewhere, we have a loss of efficiency.
My only idea was that maybe you guys were using a clay_brick that didn’t had the full stack (like half used already). But you already tested in a new world with fresh crafted bricks… So, no idea.


I may have another reason for it. I don`t know whether you have noticed that some times several hearthlings place the same brick, one after another. It seems that all of them take the same brick-placing task.
If all those bricks are really used up it can lead to the difference between the initial number of bricks needed and the final number used.
If that situation happens several times, the number of bricks used can go up quite a bit.

Have fun, Kyth.

PS: It also happens with stone and wood but we don’t keep that much track of those ones as we do with clay. :slight_smile:


Off topic: Happy 2 year anniversary @Kythandra!

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Thank you :wink: :tada::birthday: