Clay bricks not being used

the clay bricks aren’t being recognised and apparently don’t exist

PLEASE HELP ME:tired_face:

Will you please explain with more detail?
Your current post doesn’t give much insight

so i tried to build a house for 2, i made the right amount of bricks and my hearthlings didn’t use them the building also said there was no bricks in my stock pile. the bricks were in my stockpile but they looked different.

can you give us some more input screenshots, which version, which race, mods etc. ^^

thats the screen shot sorry if i’m not very helpful

the bricks are in the stockpile if you can see them

ok no other ressource … can you show a picture of the town inventory?

the foundations are brick

it doesn’t recognise these as bricks

hmmmm ok i will test it with rayya ^^ with ascen there are no issues xD

oh i know ascendancy’s fine :joy:

ok i see the issue that you have your claybricks have the wrong tag … they shouldnt be refinded they should ressources , so which mods you have installed?

i think i have a decoration mod that effects the ascendency

can you post the files you have in your modfolder?

sure i’ll have a look

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those are the mods i have

ok they only one i dont know and who can trigger this is the modpack … from where do you have this? ok i have also checked settlementdecor there it is also wrong ^^ interessting that i havent the issue then xD

i got of the discourse but it does nothing should i move it and see if anything happens?

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