Put Clay Bricks in a New Storage Category

I’m sure this has been mentioned a few times somewhere, but I didn’t see it in the suggestions.

At this point, I’m sick of my Hearthlings running clay bricks up the mountain to my quarry if I do allow clay in my storage up there, but it’s a bit inefficient to have to move the clay down immediately rather than allowing them to place it in that storage.

Perhaps it could be a new “Construction Resources” category, if there’s anything else that would fit well in there in the future. Or change the “Refined Metal” bars to “Refined Materials”, change the icon from a metal bar to a metal bar and a clay brick, and perhaps anything else squeezed in there going forward - which would probably cause some other problems, but I think clay/clay bricks is worse right now.

I’ve definitely seen this mentioned, but I might as well throw it in here as well: also adding bricks as a filter for input bins would be very useful for construction.


I second. I would love a “Clay Brick” storage category too.
It is very annoying to have the clay and the bricks mixed. When I’m going to build something it is normal I move building materials close to the site. Clay chunks always end up there.
Metal ores and bars are separated, why not the clay?

Have Fun, Kyth.


I also realized during my Rayya’s Children game that there are separate categories for Silkweed Bundle and Bundle of Wool, but none for Coarse Fiber Bundle.

If that was added, or they were replaced with a generic fiber resource, my weaver would be much happier.


Separating resources by use rather than by common material (raw Clay vs Clay Bricks) or source (Wool vs Silkweed vs Coarse Fiber bundles) would make it so much easier to set up crafter supply bins and stockpiles for building, etc.

Like… the “raw vegetarian food” vs “raw meat” seems like about the optimal level of abstraction for stockpiles. (I do use the Better Storage mod, so if it turns out that separating raw foods into those two categories isn’t vanilla behavior I’m gonna end up looking like a fool, but… I still think that’s about how generic/specific it’s useful for stockpiles to be.)


Take a look at these after the next push - I just made a bunch of changes/additions : ).