No Place for Stone Bricks

If you lay down a stockpile that initially holds everythings, stone bricks will get placed there, but if you edit the stockpile in any way (like just exclude spools of thread), it excludes stone bricks as well, so they just end up laying around the camp.

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I’m sure the stockpile will be overhauled soon enough. At the minute, I feel that the level of granularity is not quite there

for example “stone brick refined” (bricks in this case) doesn’t have a refined goods filter in the stockpile. It’s simple to add, but then aren’t metal bars refined ore by definition?

I don’t want Iron bars in my Mason stockpile now do I? But then they’re filtered as Metal bars… hmm

It will be interesting to see which direction Radiant take with stockpiles.


I have this same issue with stacks of stone bricks.

Same here. Stone bricks are dumped around my village.

It could be possible that crates and such will replace stockpiles, and will have more options, such as an iron ore crate and a gold ore crate.

I’m still seeing this problem in the 453 build.

Yup, this issue is still current in Dev 2630 (steam latest branch, alpha 12). It’s particularly annoying because of the new emphasis on crates for storage over stockpiles.