[Con] Minor Mason bug 2193 x64

If you have separate stockpiles and have Mason make the “Stack of Stone Bricks” they won’t be picked up or placed in any stockpile:

But when you place a non-divided stockpile down they sort the “Stack of Stone Bricks”

Have repeated this on different games, always the same results.

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
Intel® Core™ i7-4820 CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70GHz
GeForce GTX 760 (2)

thanks @Unatan2

just to clarify, if you create a stockpile with no adjustments (default), the stone bricks will get placed accordingly… however, if you setup a stockpile with specific categories, the stone bricks wont get placed… yes?


can you check if stone fences / gates also not get in the stock? they are all the same category ^^

Everything else is sorted properly, I double check all stockpiles, you can see stone fences in the screen above (left side of upper stockpile) and Yes SteveAdamo that’s it

Based on the presented symptoms (which I believe I’ve observed myself), stone bricks are treated, for stockpiling purposes, as if they have a category that is not in the filter options. Thus, the only way for them to be placed into a stockpile by hearthlings is if the Any filter is selected. Stone fences and gates do get stockpiled properly. If the data files indicate (I haven’t looked) that stone bricks have the same category as stone fences and gates, then this suggests that there is a lower or additional grain of categorization than merely the data file category (such as an unexposed flag/enum/field/whathaveyou) in which stone bricks differ from stone fences and gates, and which is considered by the stockpile filter algorithm.

What actually is the point of the stack of stone bricks? You don’t need it to make buildings with stone walls or stone slabs or freestanding stone walls, so what is it used for?


I’ve seen this exact thing from the beginning myself.

Think they are used for the “brick” road

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Correct! With them you become later a new Ressource for construction like roads walls and roofs xD

But… I’ve built brick roads without ever making a stack of stone bricks…

its alpha and bricks are in the implementation?`^^ because of this also this topic xD

ever since i joined the game about a month ago I have the same issue

the problem is. whenever he makes stone bricks (or whatever they are… the ones for roads etc) he does not put them in ANY stockpile… he gets let’s them clutter up arouond him and his house lol

if this is intentional its very stupid, and messy :frowning:

so this issue is still on going

(edited because it didn’t really make sense… i made my own thread which has been merged)

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