A wishlist of minor polishes and improvements for 1.0/1.1

A small polish feature: Keep mining regions, zones and building blueprints shown when in all construction/zoning/mining tools.

How it currently is in zoning tool and mining tool:

While in building tool:

Having both combined into one tool view, so you can make buildings around freshly designated farms, connect roads to mining entrances etc. would be preferable (or at least a toggle).


This one sounds amazing, having to guess, and go back and forth between the views is exhausting

Some Profession perks (like the 10,000 hours for the mason) contain a “Not Implemented” text - and some (like the deadliest traps) for the Trapper are probably not going to ever be implemented, so it would be nice if these were either edited to reflect the final content and/or removed if needed :merry:


A few basic things which may or may not have been discussed.

-Fence tool, I’ve only seen in greyed out ?
-Buckets and Water to place water
-Engineer can barely make anything
-No real defensive building items like bridges/drawbridges/object walls/gates etc.
-Many crafters have unfinished masteries in their level tree and the masteries are the only real reason to reach 6 for many of them so not implementing would be strange,
-An vanilla option to filter out SPOILED FOOD (and/or the possibility to use spoiled food on your farms)

These are the things I could still come up with that heavily impact the way the game is played.


Clay bricks as a separate item from clay? Please?

Also maybe as a filter for input bins.


Any use for clay bricks beyond the current ( just colors we can get from the paint tool ) would be cool.

1 new type of roof would be the most obvious as they most used clay for that as well
1 actual road only obtainable with bricks ?

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  • Hearthlings should cease ownership of beds after those get undeployed.
  • Pathfinding to prioritize doors before low set windows, if a door is present anywhere.
  • The collision footprint for the grown acacia tree used to be offset.

Please please make Frostfeast and Candledark part of the Seasons implementation (assuming that Repeat Pan and Froggy are ok with that)

Failing that could we possibly have the heating mechanic and awesome growing chimneys from Frostfeast for the cold weather/biomes?

Would be great if stuck hearthlings could build and remove
ladders to rescue themselves, or failing that to wave a distress flag or something to let us know that they’ve bricked themselves into the side of a building :wink:


Is it possible to add procedural road generation? In those cells ±2 cells where citizens often run the earth is replaced by road blocks?

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Bruno’s sweeper mod does exactly that in the technical sense, but also exactly the opposite in the gameplay sense.


If we do not get a fence tool, can we at least get a basic fenced field building template that unlocks with shepherd? I want a cute fence around my poyos but it’s so tedious to place by hand. Preferably one in the right material for each faction.

Also a seperate filter for animal feed for storage and supply containers.


You mean this one? But he does it slowly first, and then returns as it was :slight_smile:
I asked the developers for this feature, because you have more options than the moders.
Of course this is not the highest priority and does not fit with every style of the game, so it can be arranged in the form of a city setting (where the block is chosen for the road) or in the form of a mod from the developers for 1.1

It would be great to see a tool for mining this type of ladder.

Now we need to select layer by layer.


They had a stair tool they were demo-ing on a stream not long ago, but weren’t satisfied with it and ended up just going with the adjustable rectangular prism mining tool we have now. If they aren’t going to polish the stair tool and add it, it would be nice to have the code for what they did with it, so modders could take a stab at it. (Of course that kind of goes along with other partially developed features that were cut like the animal trainer.)


Just like in starcraft 2 how you can set hotkeys on buildings and units for your camera to snap to when clicked, I think the could make a nice addition to stonehearth


This would be really satisfying, as I often play sh as a rts

I’d love a feature that would send traders from previous towns (tied to re-embarkation). Any chance that would be added officially?


That might be a little too involved of a feature for them to try to add in at this point, but sounds reasonable for ACE.

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Yup, that’s why I asked first :jubilant: I already have some notes regarding this feature. I’ll revisit those tomorrow.