Clay building (need bricks)

Well I’ve tried building using clay as an ascendancy kingdom but after making the template, there’s an exclamation mark above the hologram of the building. The hearthlings dug out the soil for the floor but they stopped building cos they didn’t want to build with clay. I have the potter and he’s also doing the other clay items like Windows but only the bricks can’t be made

Did you order him to craft some bricks? Because the buildings uses bricks, not clay. And bricks are not auto queued.

What about when building with stone and wood? Are those auto queued?

No, because they build directly with stone and wood. Clay needs to be refined into bricks first.

kinda a late reply but, @yshan made it so that clay bricks are auto-queued on a recent stream, so you can look forward to that in an upcoming “unstable” A19 release :smile: