Hearthlings Able to Build Parts of BuildingsThey Do Not Have Material For

Summary: After designing a mixed material floor, Stone and Clay, Hearthling are able to build clay parts without having the material on hand due to 3 block build mechanic

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Design mixed material floor
  2. Only have one material
  3. Hearthlings can build foor parts for material they do not have

Expected Results: Parts of floor, because material is not on hand, do not build

Actual Results: Extra bits of floor, made out of lacked resource, still build.

Notes: Blue is stone Sienna is clay. I do not have a potter yet.


Version Number and Mods in use: a20-701

System Information:

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Maybe it is because of a mod?

Mm… I’ll try it strictly vanilla in an different template.

Here’s a completely vanilla build. Just decided to do it on a mountain top. Clay and stone floor planned out. No clay available at all. Stone is Bahama Blue, clay is Baker’s Chocolate.


… so if you demolish the building, will it spawn free clay?


That is an excellent question and the answer is yes! Free Clay!