Buildings don't get made

Buildings not being built despite having all the resources and free builders.
I qued up a dining hall and a shared living quarters. I chose the desert people. the desert map, and played on normal difficulty.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Built a stockpile
  2. Cleared all surrounding areas of trees, plants, etc.
  3. A traveling monk arrived and just gave me stuff for free
  4. qued up shared quarters, building started but only got as far as digging up the foundation.
  5. waited about 15 minutes, nothing happened.
  6. mined/cleared a cliff area to make room.
  7. built another large stockpile.
  8. at this point it’s about 20 min into the game. The foundation of first building is still all that is made so I decide to build a dining hall thinking that making another building will work. It doesnt. I quit the game after about 30min.

Expected Results:
For my building to be built

Actual Results:
Only the foundation was made

Sorry, first time posting. If I did not post something right please let me know so i can be more accurate in the future.

I dont know what this is but when I clicked “report bug” it gave me this code to copy.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Stonehearth 0.13.0 (release 489) x64 build

System Information:

Hey there @ispaceout, assuming you are using the built in templates for Rayya’s Children (the desert people), you need clay bricks in order to build the buildings. Did you have your Potter turn clay mounds (mined from the ground/mountains) into bricks for the buildings?

Im an idiot. Im just going to delete this post…
Cause of course clay buildings are made from clay… not wood. I actually figured that out about 15 min ago but forgot to update my post. hangs head in shame

No worries! I just marked this “not_a_bug”, so you are all set :smile:

Thanks for being understanding :slight_smile:
i’ll make sure to check everything out first next time before saying there is a “bug”