Bug on stone constructions

hi there i ve spotted a bug , when i want to build a custom stone house , citizen start building normaly with scaffold but after a sleep , or battle , or dining time transition instead of continue the building construction so they destroy the scaffold and stop building.
Ive tryed to go in the custom editor ----> finish editing ----> spamming build β€”> engine error appears so they are re building again scaffold for destroy it again.
Impossible to finish building.

I ve took a screenshot with bug report but can’t post it.

Quite apart from that the game is very interesting :smile:.

Best regards.


If you put the link to the screenshot in your post, one of the mods (@SteveAdamo @Geoffers747) can embed it for you. Also, any logs that you have from this, as well as your version number would be incredibly helpful in diagnosing/fixing your issue.