Completely New Ways of Using Stone

Anyone remember those stone bricks? Well, how about we bring those back, but! add in a construction use for them - stone bricks would be required mainly for stone walls. Unrefined stone could be used to make a cobblestone floor. Roofs could go either way - through either unrefined stone or stone bricks, and some floors (like the checkered and/or colored ones) would use stone bricks as well.

One problem I usually find myself with is the need to level up the mason to craft the blacksmith’s hammer and spoon (and sometimes the knife) really quickly, but having to waste resources to build decorations, which I usually just end up selling. The addition of stone bricks could fix this problem and add in a little more depth and flavor to building, in that usually stone structures are a sign of an advanced, or atleast refined, civilization. In those terms, you would need a mason for the construction of stone buildings, instead of being able to create them right off the bat.


I’m one against this. I already find the clay bricks simple not needed. In fact, the first time building with clay I found confusing as it is not in the same standard as the other two main materials. I don’t see stonehearth as a game with a very long and vertical production lines like minecraft, where there is a long craft chain to reach the desired item. What I see here is a much more shallow, horizontal and easy crafts. :slight_smile:

For fast training and experience gathering, just craft stone piles (18 stone), place it, harvest, grab all 18 pieces back, and repeat.

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i’m kind of with @BrunoSupremo on this one, it never really made sense to me why the clay buildings require bricks rather than the raw resource…

so i would say, either go “all out” and make it so all resources require a refined version for building, so wood buildings require planks, etc. or go with buildings just using the raw resources…

i almost feel like that should be considered a bug :laughing:

I see your point, but raw clay is not suitable for building whatsoever. It’d be like building with dirt - it’ll work until it rains and you wake up buried under mud. It’s necessary for clay to be fired so it can be harder and tougher.

Of course, there could still be walls and such that could be built with raw stone, but I feel like more sophisticated buildings, like castles, towers, and walls should require something other than just what would really be a rock.

I do agree that it definitely seems like something is missing from the low level crafting tree for masonry that isn’t simply decorative. fences would be good if building a wall wasn’t so much better and easier to do and cost less resources as well, doesn’t make any sense to me at all :confounded:

I don’t know the formula. But Clay "Rocks"should produce more bricks and thus be more economic than just using the pure resource. The same should be for stone bricks. Say a raw stone produces 2-4 bricks depending on the skill of the craftsman. And you can substitute a raw stone for a brick in any recipe.

Isn’t that more usefull?

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