[r156] Make stone more efficient


Right now each stone block produces only ten voxels of slate roof. Given the relative paucity of stone (compared to wood) this means that completing even a decent sized slate roof requires a huge amount of stone, which takes as long to gather as building the house itself.
It would be nice if the ratio was a little more forgiving (say maybe 20 to 1).


i disagree right now you can get so many resources and just build build build, ther eis no point in gathering, in fact o think the things made with wood should be MORE expensive.


I agree with untrustedlife, although I do think the balance will be revisited anyway once trees can grow. I’d imagine the resource ratios are kept high for test purposes.

Additionally, once mining is implemented the majority of the community might prefer that the 10:1 stone ratio is reduced as well.


This will be resolved very quickly when mining gets in the game, so I dont think its a big concern. I do want to note that slate doesn’t come in different colors though, heh. Would be cool if there was a job for making tile for roofs and roads n such.


Just google ‘coloured slate’, it comes in almost any colour you want… :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah in fact you can technically already start mining now, if you really want more stones to finish a current buidling project. As illustrated in the video below:



Well if you can mine from the stone from the ground that’s a different story. Agreed 10:1 is fine in that case.


Well, I think that this really depends on the types of stone available in the game. If, for say, there is marble, limestone, granite, and a few others (hmm, maybe I could build Rome in a day) Some types may be rarer than others, or be found in different regions, which leads to the question of balancing the amount of resources obtained. Though most of this stuff is in the future, whats in place is good for now.