[Request] Realistic Resources

If there is already a mod which makes it so building houses requires more wood, stone, etc. I find it really unrealistic that to make an entire building it’s only 1 wood… :frowning:

I don’t know how to code, so yeah. :C Hopefulyl someone will end up making this eventually~.

takes a lot more than 1 wood i usually see the minions run back 2-3 times to get more wood. dont forget they have 4 items in their inventory.

Well, on the building template thing it shows up as one wood.

Is pretty simple to make need more wood, but is not the helpful, because you gonna need tons of wood to build simple things.

There is a proprety on the itens called “stacks” for wood, is around 60-80 that is the amount one new wood log value. Each type of block may take different amounts of wood, if i am not wrong you can build 60-80 wood slabs witch only 1 piece of wood.

This may changed from the last time i saw months ago