Buildings cost more and hired builders

I feel that buildings are way too cheap to make. In my opinion if they were tripled or even quadrupled that would feel more balanced.

Another suggestion which I will combine with this one is being able to hire builders to help you build.
they would cost like 25 gold a day and you have to feed them but they would be faster at building than your guys. they also wouldn’t listen to your commands.

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I would appreciate having at least some sort of building utilities for hearthlings.

Building costs seem pretty fair at the moment. You pay a lot of resources that the hearthlings do not collect because they’re taking so long to build a house. Depending on your settlement’s location, the need for big amounts of wood or stone would call for very long transport ways and turn out to be annoying and risky for the hearthlings.

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I don’t know about these suggestions, as I would like to actually build the town not wait like in earlier editions where scaffolding cost wood. So having an upkeep might counter the building process and slow it down to what is was in the past.

So why are they low cost; they aren’t really low cost for myself, as they use just enough for me to continue to from building to building. I think the person above had it more to what I am thinking; about a fair price to build. It is all about smoothly building forward expanding the kingdom and watching they strike up their structures growing into a community. Something like that.

In a way it might add too much waiting for the building to complete like it was before. That is just my perspective though. :slight_smile:

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well i guess you make valid points, it seems kinda ndof odd that my giant
freestanding wall only cost like 30 logs. im just trying to think

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I guess that’s perspective though, 30 wood is a lot if you’re playing the Raya’s Children in the desert where wood is naturally less common. It could mean the difference between having a firepit or even being make to craft that new weapon for your soldier.

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yeah the Ascendancy have it easy in terms of wood production, but that is their thing. RC has it an easier time with clay & stone.

I don’t mind some form of maintenance, but it shouldn’t be like they are paying us for them to do something, as we are just the helping hand to observe mostly; like the sims where we guide them in a direction, and not have total control. AI would be able to figure for itself what it needs to do in order to complete the tasks set before them, or should anyway. Now if it was something like what the goblins do already in that campaign, where there is a tribute or fee we have to maintain with the outside world, that is a different matter.

After all they did send a consort of sorts to check up on us when we near the town level. Maybe it could be tied to that, where at a certain town level we have to have some form of tax set forth decreed by the outside nation. One thing that needs to be done or what I think anyway, is a way to setup some form of way to have a trade spot to sell things automatically. Like a trade bin to accumulate the income to pay such taxes. That might be a bit much, but whom is to say it wouldn’t work, since we at the moment have to sell things manually instead of setting up what is to be sold.

So much income, yet not much of a sink to put that income in. Since I play RC mostly I utilized the trade portion of the game in order to build and expand my town. Mostly wood and what is needed or what I want for decorations to stylize the town with. :slight_smile:

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