Wood Consumption

Does anyone else feel the wood used for making various things is a a little out of balance?

I will expand…

A simple bed requires 1 piece of wood, a simple chair requires 1 piece of wood, a entire small house for one Citizen requires only 3 pieces of wood. This is not a major issue but I would think that building a house, even the smallest, would require a fair bit more than 3 pieces of wood.



When the developers add things to the game I’m pretty sure they randomly select whatever number feels right at the time for the required components. There is no detailed comparison, and often the files are copies of another component.

Another example is that an Oak log has 80 stacks of wood resource in it. This is why a single log can be used to build multiple sections of a house.

However, a carpenter item that requires “Two wood” consumes 2 oak logs, which is effectively 160 stacks of wood resource.

I have no doubt that all of this will be balanced as the game develops, so in short, there is nothing to worry about! :smile:


That’s certainly something I’ve been debating myself. I do think recipes and construction will need to ultimately change and rebalance; part of the issue is the finiteness of wood at the moment–since we can’t grow trees and trading for wood is usually too difficult to rely on, I think the low cost for houses might be necessary at this stage, at least to explore the features for a short-term game. The team’s said that construction will likely be revisited and revamped in a few Alphas later, so some changes in cost might also come around then.

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Yes I expect it is something that will get looked at at some point, just at the moment it feels a little bit unbalanced, but I can live with it for now because this game, in it’s current state, is still damn awsome! :smile:

And a wood sword requires TWO pieces of wood!


IIRC it was said at some point that wood costs are intentionally cheap, both because trees do not regrow/respawn atm and for the purposes of testing everything. I imagine everything will cost more when it truly becomes renewable, at which point it wont matter anyway…

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add to the fact that pathfinding is still in need of an update be thankful that the most used material for building a town is cheap when it is not a renewable source…hence the Alpha, not even Beta!

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