Carpenter recipe balancing

With r114 and r118, the carpenter’s recipes seem quite unbalanced. Here are some examples:

Wooden door: 1 wood resource
Cathedral arch chair: 2 wood resource
Wooden sword: 3 wood resource

I’m not a carpenter myself, but I’m fairly sure small, handheld items never require 3 times as much material as something like a door.



Mean Bed: 3 Wood
Comfy Bed: 1 Wood 1 Cloth


I personally feel they are a bit…cheap? for what they are, in terms of the game, you know.

3 wood/1 wood is NOTHING. For such useful things,

I agree. Most of the furniture only costs 1 wood, when for many of them, even costing 2 wood would be too cheap.

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As someone who has done a bit of carpentry in his life, I agree that this should be changed.

Wooden door: 5 wood
Cathedral arch chair: 3 wood
Wooden sword: 2 wood
Mean Bed: 4 Wood
Comfy Bed: 4 Wood 1 Cloth

Even this may be rather cheap, considering they are planning on making houses cheaper to build. The only logical way to do that would be to make trees give more wood.


I would personally rather the ‘prices’ dropped so that it is easier to make more fully furnished houses.

No, that would not work out well. The price to make a house will be dropped soon.